A Tribe Called Red

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A Tribe Called Red (2012), 6.5/10
Nation II Nation (2013), 5/10
We Are the Halluci Nation (2016), 6.5/10

Canadian aboriginal band A Tribe Called Red (from Ontario), formed by dj Ian "DJ NDN" Campeau and Jon "DJ Frame" Limoges, the duo who in 2007 had started the "Electric Pow Wow" nights at Ottawa's club Babylon, bridged traditional aborigenal music (the members belonged to the Nipissing, Cayuga and Mohawk tribes) and electronic dance music of the time (house music, hip-hop music, dubstep, electronic reggae). The five-song EP Moombah Hip Moombah Hop (2011), containing four remixes and Metropolis, also featured Thomas "Bear Witness" Ramon and by Dan "DJ Shub" General.

The album A Tribe Called Red (2012) contains manifestos of their style such as MoombahWow and Electric Pow Wow Drum in which pow-wow chanting and drumming are looped with electronic beats and effects. The single The Road (2012) that made them famous was actually less propulsive but the chanting was more savage. Their concept was consolidated on the five-song EP Trapline (2013), containing the reggae and ska fest Trap Heat, and on the ten-song album Nation II Nation (2013), that featured Dan "DJ Shub" General. By slowing down the format, and adding ominous synth lines, they achieved the menacing atmosphere of the anti-colonialist anthem Burn Your Village to the Ground (2014). In 2014 DJ Shub left and was replaced by Tim "2oolman" Hill.

After the four-song EP Suplex (2015), the 15-song We Are the Halluci Nation (2016) veered towards more conventional rapping, singing and spoken-word despite creative hybrids such as The Virus. The energetic, whirling Maima Koopi recalled the transglobal dance of the previous generation, and JHD (with Andean flutes) was ready for mass consumption. Best are the manipulations of the female voice, especially in the frantic Sila, but also in warped Enya-esque melody of Eanan. The heavy and slow dance Stadium Pow Wow (2016) appeared on an EP.

Campeau left in October 2017 and the band remained a duo.

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