Beach Bunny

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Beach Bunny, the project of Chicago's singer-songwriter and guitarist Lili Trifilio, released a number of EPs of lo-fi emo-pop: Animalism (2015), Pool Party (2016), Crybaby (2016). The project became a real band with the five-song EP Prom Queen (2018), with the infectious Prom Queen, and the catchy single Sports, that added crunchy guitar riffs and faster tempos to her classic melodies The album Honeymoon (2020) suffers from only one problem: that every song sounds dejavu, a nostalgic trip into the history of punk-pop. The catchy refrains and raunchy riffs of Ms California, Cloud 9 and Promises stick to the tradition, while the slightly more complicated Colorblind and Dream Boy find ways to sneak singalongs into less straightforward formats.
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