Bonnacons of Doom

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The Bonnacons of Doom, a Liverpool-based collective of masked musicians fronted by singer Kate Smith, debuted on record only with Bonnacons of Doom (Rocket, 2018), after they had already staged large-scale events like a concert in a cathedral with the cathedral's choir in 2014 and a performance as the 13-piece Electric Mantra Band in 2017. The album contains five examples of dense hypnotic jamming. The pagan tribal psychedelic incantation of Solus harkens back to the sinister ceremonies of Aphrodite's Child. The ten-minute Argenta begins dilated and ecstatic, like a more abstract Jefferson Airplane, peppered with witchy shrieks, but mostly disembodied, and then coalesces into a stately melodic crescendo. The hysterically pulsing Industria builds extreme tension and forgets to release it. Rhizome is a tour de force of distorted organ. The acrobatic vocals return in the eight-minute Plantae, this time in Diamanda Galas mode, amid a pummelling hard-rocking chaos. This is trance that extends beyond psychedelia, post-psychedelic trance.
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