Brood Ma

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Fission (2012), 6.5/10
Populous (2014), 6.5/10
Daze (2016), 6/10

Brood Ma, aka London-based producer James Stringer, debuted with the cassette Fission (2012), containing guttural and syncopated instrumentals like Level I Access and manic metronomic ballets like Disciplined On Skin, followed by Populous (2014), another set of instrumentals. Ferite Core blends a visceral rhythm and macabre sound effects, and Esteem accelerates an acrobatic hip-hop number until it becomes pure energy.

Daze (Tri Angle, 2016) hard-hitting dissonant hip-hop vignettes with pseudo-dance pieces that evoke things like a subway train (Well Equipped) or a pinball machine (Thorium Mox). The essential element is some kind of industrial horror, best manifested in Hard Wear and the thundering NRG Jynx (Daze End Version).

All fo Brood Ma's albums were really mini-albums, lasting less than 30 minutes each.

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