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Brulvahnatu, from Edmonton in Canada, fused pop, doom and black metal styles on Uterine Acid Swishes (Eternal Obscurity, 2009), divided into three lengthy macabre Cleaning Your Womb (17:46), Autopsy In Mourning (17:22) and especially Suffer Long (26:09), which are at the same time growling, frenzied, docile, mellow and booming. Suffer Long's emotional peak comes in the middle, when a clean guitar intones an exotic riff and the monster vocals whisper a solemn Amon Duul II-esque anthem, the whole resembling a movement in a prog-rock suite, before soaring into an agonizing lament that is also tragically melodic.

Three more lugubrious litanies surfaced on Last Living Dream (2010): Misshapen White Hand (26:26), basically an exercise in trying and trying again to bridge frenzied black-metal and funereal doom-folk, ending with a grotesque babbling panzer dance and an acoustic psychedelic dirge, Where Ghosts Go To Die (The Swamp) (15:16) and Through A Tunnel Of Trees (15:51), the most convoluted post-doom piece.

Menstrual Extraction Ceremony (2011) was more varied, its longest piece (the 28-minute Menstrual Extraction Ceremony) injecting elements of ambient music into their purgatorial hymn.

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