Julie Byrne

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Rooms With Walls and Windows (2014), 5/10
Not Even Happiness (2017), 6.5/10

Julie Byrne, a singer-songwriter from upstate New York, debuted with Rooms With Walls and Windows (2014).

Not Even Happiness (Ba Da Bing, 2017) found an elegant balance between folk music and new-age music. Natural Blue, for example, sounds like an odd hybrid of Enya and Donovan. The highlight is the stately dream-pop caressed by dejected synths I Live Now as a Singer, a rare case of intimate music that seem to come from another dimension. Make it longer, and it could be a Jane Siberry tour de force. On the other hand, Sleepwalker boast enough energy to sound like a cover of some Leo Kottke country sonata, and the pastoral singalong Melting Grid sounds like a Fairport Convention leftover.

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