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Internal/Eternal (2015), 6/10 Links:

South Carolina's Cepheus debuted with the instrumental post-rock of Internal/Eternal (Dollhouse, 2015). The structure generally flows from quiet languor to loud noise, and the best part tends to be the languid one. Revived begins in an almost neoclassical-chamber style before turning into a crunchy and roaring guitar-driven jam. Stoned tones and drones open Moon Gruven. A cosmic electronic nebula opens Dead Light, and in this case what follows is also intriguing (a sequencer-like guitar pattern that opens up to acid distortion and a thundering crescendo). On the other hand, the best thing in Winter Branches Blossom Light is a guitar solo four minutes into the piece, and Merciless's emotional zenith comes with the lacerating ending. The problem is that, despite the competent playing and brainy counterpoint, these pieces tend to be relatively faceless for the most part. The 17-minute Destroy This Loop includes good material (the acid disjointed soundspace in the first part, the torrential riffs and pounding drums after the seven-minute mark) but fails to to maintain cinematic or narrative cohesion.
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