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Immunity (2019), 4.5/10
Sling (2021), 5/10

Boston's singer-songwriter Clairo (Claire Cottrill) started out with the bedroom-pop of the single Pretty Girl (2017) and the EP Diary 001 (2018). Her first album Immunity (2019) spawned the hit singles Bags, a sophisticated form of bedroom-pop, and especially the catchy and danceable Sofia in the vein of synth-pop of the 1980s. This idea of matching electronic beats to classic singer-songwriter confessions yields a couple more songs of discreet emotional impact (the nocturnal Closer to You, the dreamy Impossible) but it quickly becomes a monotonous experience.

Sling (2021) is a more dignified effort in the singer-songwriter style of the 1970s, but too derivative of the originals. If the piano lullaby Harbor is the most original moment, Amoeba sounds like a lost Todd Rundgren ditty, Blouse feels like a variation on Simon & Garfunkel's I Am A Rock, and we keep hearing echoes of the Beatles in Bambi and in Wade until closer Management sounds like a remix of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. To complete the nostalgic tribute to the 1970s, the instrumental Joanie echoes Leon Russell's piano-driven saloon soul-rock and there's even the trotting country rhythm of Reaper.

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