Spencer Clark & Fourth World Magazine

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Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Piper Maru (2007), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Gitchii Manitu (2007), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Infant Spirituality Rates Coconut Percent (2008), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Prince of Parrot Shooters (2009), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: The Aqueducts Of Channel Island (2009), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Bamboo For Two (2010), 6/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: Make Mine Macaw (2010), 5/10
Monopoly Child Star Searchers: The Garnet Toucan (2012), 5/10
Fourth World Magazine: The Spectacle of Light Abductions (2011), 6.5/10
Fourth World Magazine: Pinhead in Fantasia (2014), 6/10
Typhonian Highlife: HR Giger's Studiolo (2014), 7/10
Typhonian Highlife: The World Of Shells (2016), 6.5/10

Spencer Clark (aka Charles Berlitz) was releasing cassettes as Vodka Soap while he was starting the Skaters with James Ferraro. Un Chand Pyramdelier (2006) and Shee-ro Gateway Temples (2008) are perhaps the most mature of these cassettes.

His next project was Black Joker, documented on two official albums, Watch Out (2008) and the jungle concept Outer Planetary Oasis (2010), the beginning of an obsession, plus a collaboration with Monopoly Child, Star In "Nightlife On Horseback" (2009) and the cassette No Jaw Nite Rites (2009).

The Monopoly Child Star Searchers were de facto a continuation of the Vodka Soap project but obsessed with the world and sounds of the jungle: Start Levitating Now (2007), a 36-minute piece, Piper Maru (2007), Gitchii Manitu (2007), Infant Spirituality Rates Coconut Percent (2008), Prince of Parrot Shooters (2009), a 43-minute piece, The Aqueducts Of Channel Island (2009), a 56-minute piece of imaginary African festival music, Bamboo For Two (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2010), featuring Ferraro, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale, and containing the 13-minute jungle dance of A Coconut's Shadow Thrown Across The Stem Of A Rose, Make Mine Macaw (2010) and the 103-minute This Year In Coconuts (2011) which includes The Garnet Toucan (2012). The differences between these albums are minimal.

Fourth World Magazine was another Clark project. The Spectacle Of Light Abductions (Pacific City Sound Visions, 2011) floated somewhere between acid-rock and new-age music. The 15-minute pulsating electronic suite The Spectacle of the Light Festival is the manifesto of his extra-terrestrial music rooted in primitive Earthly rituals. Fourth World Magazine's second album, Pinhead in Fantasia (2014), contains the grotesquely dadaistic 13-minute Pinhead in Fantasia and a 14-minute version of Typhonian Highlife's Harpischord Of Ptolemy retitled Frolicking And Monsters.

Clark also joined Mark McGuire of Emeralds in Inner Tube, that debuted with Inner Tube (Pacific City, 2012), a tribute to Australian surf culture.

The monumental three-hour tetralogy HR Giger's Studiolo (2014), credited to Typhonian Highlife, was an esoteric project described as "inspired by the pagan renaissance and perceived African futurism of H.R. Giger", four concept albums about imaginary objects found in Hr Giger's museum or "studiolo": HR Giger's Studiolo Part One, that contains the eleven-minute A Movement in the Cenobytes Journey to 15th Century Verona, Salla D'Arco (re-released separately in 2020), containing the eleven-minute Aquatic Flush of Harpsichord Vacui, CD Cenobytes Wunderkammer (2015), that contains CD'S Torso Castrato Verisimo, and finally Pinhead's Necronomicon (re-released separately in 2018), containing the ten-minute harpsichord concerto Harpsichord of Ptolemy. The World Of Shells (2016), also credited to Typhonian Highlife, contains the abstract musique concrete of Nano-Zootypes In A Tenctonese Exhibition Tank as well as the 15-minute Oracle Of Egret a tape collage of manipulated voice sounds mixed with electronics. Video Shells Asia (2016) is a limited-edition cassette also credited to Typhonian Highlife.

Clark and Jan Anderzen teamed up as Tarzana for Alien Wildlife Estate (2015).

The field recordings of The Stimulated Australia (2016) and the film soundtrack Tradewinds (2017) were released under his name, Spencer Clar.

Avatar Blue (2019) and Avatar Blue 2 (2020) were credited to the Star Searchers and contain 30 brief vignettes for synth.

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