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I'll Try Living Like This (2015), 6.5/10 Links:

Philadelphia's trio Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv, consisting of HCMJ (James Webster), Giant Claw (Keith Rankin) and Tech Honors, debuted with about ten albums in 2014 (D.e.s.i.r.e., Mystic Quest, Seawrld, Olympics, Nuwrld, Regret, Derelict, Virtual Utopia Experience, RPG, Online) before the album that established them as a major act of vaporwave, I'll Try Living Like This (Dream Catalogue, 2015), an album that exploited a broader spectrum of samples than usual (notably from videogames and house music of the 1990s), an essay in contrast (the rude syncopated noise of videogames juxtaposed with the sleek melodies of the cocktail lounge). The witchy collage Somebody Home, the surreal minimalism of CD Factory, the eerie chants of Siwonhan Padosoli Joh-ayo populate a futuristic soundscape, while Nae Maeumeun Tteolgo/ My Heart is Trembling is pure dancefloor delight. It could be vaporwave's best album.

The fad was already declining, but that album was followed by Classroom Sexxtape (2016) and Heavy Black Heart (2017).

James Webster also released a lot of cassettes as HCMJ between 2009 and 2012, several albums with Tech Honors as Rebecca Peake between 2011 and 2013 (Dalmatian II, Fuchsia, The World's Strongest Course Of Insects, Idiot Street) Dreams (2012) as Winter Sleep, several cassettes as Xepter Rose between 2013 and 2014, and the albums Flight (Dream Catalogue, 2017) and Meaning (Ghost Diamond, 2018) as HCMJ again.

Tech Honors also released Sleep Moon Voyage (Ghost Diamond, 2012) as Dinosaur On Fire, Tiger Blood Drama Club (Ghost Diamond, 2013) as Black Hole Future, and Divorce Batteries (Ghost Diamond, 2014) as Peach & Plum.

Giant Claw has released the cassette Erasers Fantasy (2010) and the albums Midnight Murder (Orange Milk, 2011), Mutant Glamour (Orange Milk, 2012), Tear In Static (2013), Dark Web (Orange Milk, 2014), Deep Thoughts (Virgin Babylon, 2015) and Soft Channel (Orange Milk, 2017).

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