Broeder Dieleman

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Alles is Ijdelheid (2012), 5/10
Gloria (2014), 5.5/10
Uut de Bron (2015), 6.5/10
Komma (2018), 6/10
De Liefde is de Eerste Wet (2020), 5/10
Oh Mijn Ziel (2023), 6/10

Dutch singer-songwriter Broeder Dieleman specialized in simple acoustic folk songs in the dialect of the Zeeland region. Alles is Ijdelheid/ All is Vanity (2012) is almost entirely a voice-and-guitar album, so much as that the charming accompaniment of Duuzend Veugels stands out. Gloria (2014) contains the catchy Kauwtje and the stately Adriana. Uut de Bron/ From the Source (2015) marked a quantum jump in ambition. Instead of simple linear storytelling for voice and guitar, this album indulges in lengthy compositions that either twist the traditional song structure, like in the surreal Hoofdplaat, or adopt the ominous drones of dark ambient music, like in the ten-minute Lovenpolder Boerengat (that ends in an explosion of distortions). The funereal chant of the ten-minute Omer Gielliet is buried under a sinister static choral humming. Nehallenia is chamber folk for traditional instruments, inspired by the ancient Scandinavian goddess of the oceans. The double album Komma/ Comma (2018) contains songs with banjo, piano, trumpet, saxophone and drums, notably a Jane Pape for marching band, the eight-minute fantasia Onaf Pad, which morphs from acoustic folk to lopsided jazz, The second album is a 33-minute composition titled 't Gat van Pinten of manipulated field recordings.

Dit Is De Bedoeling (2019) was a collaboration with Wannes Cappelle and Frans Grapperhaus.

Most of De Liefde is de Eerste Wet/ Love is the First Law (2020) returns to a simple song-oriented format, but occasionally the songs slide into cute eccentricities. Poonhaven has a spaced-out background reminiscent of Tim Buckley's most "acid" folk. The fateful melody of Eerst de Koffie has the "vibe" of Bob Dylan's The Answer is in the Wind. Oh Mijn Ziel/ Oh My Soul (2023) contains minor songs but also the somber nine-minute chamber folk concerto Oh Mijn Ziel, perhaps his artistic zenith.

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