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Settle (2013) , 5.5/10

Disclosure, the duo of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, offered old-fashioned electronic dance music on Settle (PMR, 2013), that spawned a few hits: the soul ballad Latch, the dejavu orchestral chanteuse-fronted White Noise, the cubistic fanfare cum sensual shout of You & Me. The latter well represented the duo's lush digital technique, also displayed in the sexual neurosis of Confess to Me, a grime number for staccato digital beeps, and in the bouncing elastic jam Grab Her. They probably boasted the most trivial beats and melodies of the year, but they were emblematic of a new generation of laptop-based house-music revivalists. Ironically, the best song on the album might be one of the low-tech ones: the angelic lullaby Help Me Lose My Mind (sung by London Grammar). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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