Django Django

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Django Django (2012), 6.5/10
Born Under Saturn (2015), 4/10
Marble Skies (2018), 4/10
Glowing in the Dark (2021), 4/10

Django Django, an emanation of the Edinburgh College of Art (drummer and producer David Maclean, singer and guitarist Vincent Neff, bassist Jimmy Dixon and keyboardist Tommy Grace), offered poppy indie-tronica influenced by Devo and early Brian Eno on Django Django (2012), containing the singles Waveforms and Default (a catchy dadaistic rigmarole a` la Trio's Da Da Da). But they failed to match the same verve on the mediocre Born Under Saturn (2015), on Marble Skies (2018), with Marble Skies, and on Glowing in the Dark (2021), with Spirals.
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