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Arigato (2016), 6.5/10 Links:

Djwwww, the brainchild of Kenji Yamamoto, released Arigato (Orange Milk, 2016), a collection of chaotic digital collages. There is a satirical Frank Zappa-esque quality to the wild audio merry-go-round of Reality. His videogame background is transparent in Sampling and GF, that dissect, camouflage and paste together snippets of videogame-like sounds. Most of the 15 pieces are too short to leave any trace. The closer, Hometown, draws from sounds of nature like in many albums of field recordings, except that, of course, Yamamoto mauls them and blends them until they disappear.

He also released Emi Koussi (Wasabi Tapes, 2014) as +You, YamaGucci (Wasabi Tapes, 2015) as Toiret $egatus, Barron (Wasabi Tapes, 2016) as Lil $ega.

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