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Duma (2020), 6.5/10 Links:

Duma (the Kenyan duo of vocalist Martin Khanja, formerly of Lust of a Dying Breed, and guitarist Sam Karugu) delivered brutal industrial-metal on their debut Duma (2020). Angels and Abysses is industrial noise with blastbeats that resembles the sound of playing an old arcade game. Corners in Nihil concocts a gothic stew of carpet bombing, electronic drones and demonic growls. Two voices compete in Omni over ear-piercing distortion and electronic effects, with the high-pitched scream dilated in an oneiric fashion. The epileptic tribal drums of Lionsblood duet with machine-gun explosions while the growls echo back and forth until a tidal wave of white noise buries it all. Unfortunately there is also quite a bit of filler, especially in the middle, where the same ideas of the first four songs repeat in more trivial forms. The album regains some impact with Sin Nature but the momentum has been lost, and the album ends with the six-minute glitch-ambient music of The Echoes of the Beyond.
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