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Verloren (2016), 6.5/10 Links:

New York's producer Eaves crafted the apocalyptic visions of Verloren (Purple Tape Pedigree, released at the end of 2016). Each composition is a brief symphony, littered with disorderly debris; undergoing mutations according to a tormented metabolism; cryptic because so unfocused, dilapidated and strained. New Babylon is drenched in cinematic horror, Linthen Heap is another cinematic piece but too chaotic to be deciphered, and Burial Moth ends in cinematic grandeur. Vascular weds a convent-like choir with supersonic drumming. Dragliner is an industrial mayhem turning truly ugly. Mare is a twisted toccata for church organ. A female voice sings through a thick radioactive wave in Seas 2. Even the gentler moments are dangerous: Wound unwinds a relatively simple carillon-like synth melody that bounces around a violent, lashing beat. And closer Edgelands sounds like the recording of a battlefield, with grenades exploding on top of the sustained machine-gun fire, all wrapped into Vangelis-like synth drones.
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