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Caliginous Sky (2018), 6/10
The Voynich Manuscript (2019), 6.5/10
Anomia (2021), 5/10

Boston's hip-hop producer EvilDewer started making tapes in 2011 but became hyper-prolific in 2018 when he released at least five limited-edition tapes in one year: Apocrypha (2018), Idiosyncrasy (2018), Netherrealms (2018), which includes Ultramagnetic BodyBags (a collaboration with Vic Spencer), and 13 (2018), peaking with the 19-song Caliginous Sky (2018), a continuous suite with some excursions into psychedelic jazz (Occultism), easy listening, dissonant chamber music, and so on, over fragile and disjointed beats (unfortunately ruined by the spoken philosophy).

The Voynich Manuscript (2019) is an uninterrupted digital symphony of spaced-out atmospheres, a few regular instrumental sounds swallowed into abstract glitchy ambience.

Slime Rituals (2019) is a more structured (but not necessarily more creative) version of the same idea: the distorted and electronic Slimeville, the glitchy ambience of Cause and Effect, the noir drones of Sweet Carnage, the bluesy and catatonic Unfinished Business.

After the confused seven-song EP A Beautiful Derangement (2020), EvilDewer crafted the 18-song Anomia (2021) with a large cast of rappers. It's another wild ride of styles and genres mashed up on top of simple hip-hop beats. Alas, the vocals are a mixed blessing and often detract from the otherworldly ambience of the instrumentals.

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