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New Zealand's Eyeliner (Luke Rowell) crafted High Fashion Mood Music (2012), a sort of tribute to danceable electronic new-age music of the 1980s, and especially LARP of Luxury (2013), where the syncopated soundscape iPod Touch redeems the old-fashioned new-age melodies (3D Pool Designer, Sauvignon Blanc and so on). The drum-machine is mostly loud and aggressive, and there are no samples, but these albums were lumped with the vaporwave fad. One more Eyeliner album surfaced, Buy Now (Beer On The Rug, 2015).

Luke Rowell had been active as Disasteradio for about ten years, releasing digital albums such as Western Digital (2004), Synthtease (2006) and Visions (2007).

After vaporwave began to fade, he returned to Disasteradio with Electric Blanket (2013) and Sweatshop (2017).

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