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Stupidamutaforma (2020), 5/10 Links:

Fera, the brainchild of Italian comic-book writer and digital composer Andrea DeFranco, debuted with Stupidamutaforma (Maple Death, 2020), a set of eleven electronic vignettes that mix minimalist repetition and an "art of noise" that harks back to Luigi Russolo's "intonarumori". There are cute ideas scattered here and there (the rhythmic effect of Funeral Flute, the sumptuous hypnosis of Caliber Harp, the complex percussive pattern of Cura), but they rarely coalesce. This feels more like a vocabulary from which one could some day create a story, but for the time being remains a vocabulary, an arsenal of tools. The eight-minute Yung Leaf is particularly disappointing: electronic dance music with pretentious intellectual overtones. The feral noise that attacks the frantic metronomy of Compress Depress is the notable exception.
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