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The Sum of All Fossils (2011), 6/10

New York's Flourishing, fronted by Garett Bussanick, vomited the eclectic death-metal album The Sum of All Fossils (Path Less Traveled, 2011), that is not "technical" in the sense that Gorguts were but, like their music, is highly unstable. Opener A Thimble's Worth is more catastrophic than frenzied for the sake of frenzy The Prospects of Rejection is even melodramatic, and at one point switches to a rhythm more suitable for punk-rock. By Which We're Cemented is bogged down by guitar dissonance. Fossil Record begins with industrial metronomy and then turns melodic. Frontal attacks such as In Vivid Monochrome and Momentary Senses are the exception, not the rule. Even Summary, which is probably the most relentless of these songs, has so many interruptions and variations that it hardly qualifies as death-metal. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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