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Hatred (2017), 6.5/10
Undercurrent (2019), 6/10

Japan's quartet Friendship delivered brief bursts of growled pulverizing blackened hardcore on Hatred (Daymare, 2017), some of them shot at lightning speed with maximum brute force (Rejected, Tortures, Dirtbags, Treason), others disfigured by savage dissonance (Regiside), others stretched into theatrical aberrations (Corrupt, Blue Berry, El Chapo). They compete with the Nails for sheer sonic impact among the legions of Converge descendants.

Chaos coalesced into structure on Undercurrent (Southern Lord, 2019). Songs like Vertigo and Punishment throw grenades right and left but also find the time to grow. There are even a cute melody and a vocal counterpoint in the middle of Fiend, one of the most ferocious sonic assaults. The strident dissonance of Lack, on the other hand, is pure unexploded neurosis, and the cascading frenzy of Plague is its uncontrolled manifestation. The panzer attack of Abandon and the spastic barrage of Hatred make the hysterical hammering of Wrecker sound childish. The album is another exhausting run through a maze of extreme crushing emotions, but more varied and more rational than the previous one.

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