Kevin Gates

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Islah (2016), 5/10 Links:

Louisiana's rapper Kevin Gates (born Gilyard) began releasing mixtapes in 2007, notably The Luca Brasi Story (2013), Stranger Than Fiction and By Any Means, and established himself with the melodramatic single I Don't Get Tired (2015). Islah (Atlantic, 2016) leveraged the popularity of emo-trap with elegantly worded narrations but also contained tons of irritating fluff: the ridiculous lyrics of The Truth are redeemed by the impeccable stream of consciousness of Not the Only One; the mediocre 2 Phones is redeemed by the melodic Really Really, the languid Time For That is redeemed by the emotional La Familia, and so forth. The standout is the dreamy synthesizer-driven Ain't Too Hard, which is also the one that sounds out of context.
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