Glitter Disco Synthesizer Night School

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Hey Hi Howdy Hello How Are You? (2019) , 6/10
Loop Poop (2019), 4/10

Glitter Disco Synthesizer Night School, apparently the project of Los Angeles's dj Charlie Smith, debuted with the 49-song Hey Hi Howdy Hello How Are You? (2019), a cauldron of deformed dance music (Sucker City, Babies), punk-rock (Dj Charlie Smith), droning minimal techno (Church), garage-rock rave-ups (How are you), minimalist repetition (Yr Big Break), psychedelic freak-outs (Real Dogs Know Dogs Hate Condos, World Wide Web) and microscopic songs that last 11 or 13 seconds. What stands out are especially the disorienting sound collages of Where Yr Shit Is, The Invisible World, Hello and War.

The 20-song Loop Poop (2019) is rather disappointing, mostly barely sketched ideas.

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