Goat (Japan)

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New Games (2013), 6.5/10
Rhythm & Sound (2015) , 5.5/10

The Japanese quartet Goat, led by guitarist Koshiro Hino (aka YPY) and featuring saxophonist Akihiko Ando, debuted with the four lengthy post-rock jams of New Games (2013). The nine-minute New Games is a percussive jam, something halfway between Indonesian gamelan and Steve Reich-ian minimalism that becomes slowly but steadily more syncopated and convoluted. Hewman sounds like deconstructed Caribbean jazz. The eleven-minute Mw is a subdued polyrhythmic clockwork. The twelve-minute Std is the most feverish moment, and also the one where we can finally enjoy the saxophonist's wild howls echoing across a dilated psychedelic landscape.

Having head the first album, Rhythm & Sound (2015) sounds less intriguing. Rhythm & Sound sounds like a variation on Hewman. The eleven-minute Solid Eye repeats ideas that were better explored in New Games. The main attraction of On Fire is not the percussion that dominates the piece but the eerie noises in the background, potentially a great dark ambient piece.

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