Golden Living Room

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Golden Living Room (aka Kansas-based producer Joel Cachero) debuted with the 32-minute eleven-song cassette Plug In Drop Out (2013), that only occasionally stuck with the dogmas of vaporwave (the deformed slowed-down "eccojam" Dark Life). It was the 27-minute eleven-song cassette Welcome Home (2014) that establishe Golden Living Room as a stalwart of vaporwave, although the sound was closer to traditional ambient music. The lone "eccojam" Oh Yeah is surrounded by surreal instrumentals such as Artistic Amnesia and Apophyllite Dreams and by ethereal droning abstractions such as In Between Loops. The rest of the discography failed to innovate: New Nostalgia (2014), with the trivial nine-minute tinkling minimalist repetition of Digital Escapes; Post-Internet (2015), with the seven-minute Lodollite Dreams and the six-minute A New World; Virtual Phantasy 2097 (2015), a collaboration with Telepath (Luke Laurila) that contained the eleven-minute Virtual Pleasure Palace of pulsating techno and melodic new-age synth lines; Splash Realistique (2016); and This Is Where I Am Right Now (2018).

Autoscopy (2018) collects leftovers and rarities.

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