Gum Takes Tooth

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Silent Cenotaph (2011) , 7/10

English duo Gum Takes Tooth (Thomas Fuglesang on drumming and Jussi Brightmore on real-time noise-making) debuted with Silent Cenotaph (Tigertrap, 2011), a hybrid of lurching distorted noise-rock rave-up and deranged psychedelic freak-out mixing ideas pioneered by Borbetomagus, the Butthole Surfers and Shit And Shine: the tribal free-jazz frenzy of Young Mustard, the manic heavy-metal pow-wow dance of Tankjott (a` la early Chrome), the swirling ominous collage of Nomad/Monad, the circular space-rock jam The Earth's Mantle Colonised (with vivisected robotic vocals), the acid lullaby Hermaphrodite And Nourishment. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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