Byron Holtcombe

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Wooden Clock Painting (2015), 6.5/10
Encounter In Yarrelsboro (2015), 6/10

Byron Holtcombe, an anonymous project, produced music recorded on a laptop (an EP and two albums), intended to never be released, for no one to ever hear. The project was inspired by the Residents and their "theory of obscurity". The EP Rail (2014) contains the five variations of The Waves, litanies of musique concrete, and the train-evoking rhythmic vignette Rail.

Wooden Clock Painting (2015) contains the sound collage Wooden Flame Cottage (8:45), which evokes Pink Floyd's naive experiments on Ummagumma (1969), the glitchy guitar fantasia Trying To Make Things Mean A Lot (8:37) and the oneiric ambient guitar piece Wooden Clock Painting (6:54).

Encounter In Yarrelsboro (2015) continued in that vein of manipulated guitar strumming, notably with the aquatic still nature of After The Sparrow I (11:54), ethereal musique concrete for non-human listeners.

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