The Hotelier

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It Never Goes Out (2011), 6/10
Home Like Noplace Is There (2014), 6.5/10
Goodness (2016), 5.5/10

The Hotelier, fronted by Christian Holden and originating from the Boston area, resurrected the emocore genre on the EP We Are All Alone (2009) and the album It Never Goes Out (2011), which contains their first mini-anthems Vacancy and Title-Track. The second album, Home Like Noplace Is There (2014), is the sound of pain, a sequence of stirring and melancholy rants like An Introduction to the Album (that could have been on Who's Tommy) and The Scope of All This Rebuilding. They take detours with the cowpunk acceleration of In Framing and the discordant edges of Life In Drag, ending with perhaps the best amalgam of visceral and melodic elements, Dendron.

They veered towards more traditional blue-collar rock on Goodness (2016) with a peak of pathos in U2-esque Soft Animal.

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