Jay Electronica

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A Written Testimony (2020), 6/10
Act II The Patents of Nobility (2020), 5/10

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Jay Electronica, i.e. Atlanta's rapper Timothy Thedford, debuted with the mediocre 16-minute mixtape Act I Eternal Sunshine (2007) when he was Erykah Badu's boyfriend. They had a child in 2009. Exhibit C (2009), produced by Justin "Just Blaze" Smith, is the rap that catapulted among the promises of hip-hop music. He finally released his debut album at the ripe age of 43: A Written Testimony (2020), de facto a collaboration with Jay Z. ambience (like on Ezekiel's Wheel which samples Fripp & Eno) beats that are so experimental it kind of sounds like the gain was put on way too much (like with Ghost Of Soulja Slim). He self-produces two of the best numbers, Ghost Of Soulja Slim (in a classic boom-bap rap style) and the artful Universal Soldier, and his delivery flows well with the most inventive instrumental collaborations: The Blinding, produced by Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean and Chauncey "Hit-Boy" Hollis, and Neverending Story, produced by the Alchemist.

The long-delayed album Act II The Patents of Nobility (2020) was a massive disappointment: poorly produced, possibly unfinished, and full of garbage.

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