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Confusia (2019), 6.5/10 Links:

Kablam, the project of Swedish producer Kajsa Blom, debuted with the medieval remix of Spirito Sarrando (2015) and expressed an angry feminist and anarchist ideology on the EP Furiosa (Janus, 2016), which can hardly be called "dance" music. The album Confusia (2019) contains 13 brief vignettes that are experiments in combining unfriendly rhythms, glitchy electronics and witchy manipulated vocal samples. Her art of intricate beats and clipped vocals is on display in pieces like Horses. The robotic singalong Problems seems to mock the fashionable synth-pop of the era. A twisted sense of humor also yields the surrealist skit Vanmakt and the industrial ballet Forced for clock ticking and dehumanized cheering. The album's emotional peak is Everything for Everyone for harpsichord, theremin-like wailing, booming beats and alarm siren. The best fusion of the dance element and the surrealistic production comes at the end , with the polyrhythmic feast of Miasma. The gothic march Plague also avail itself of an emphatic teutonic production. The only concessions to the dancefloor are Dj Hay and For Hildegard and they are not the best.
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