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Cloud 19 (2014), 5/10
You Should Be Here (2015), 6/10
SweetSexySavage (2017), 5/10
While We Wait (2019), 4/10

San Francisco's singer Kehlani Parrish was groomed for stardom through the eight-song mixtape Cloud 19 (2014), that established her as a promising neosoul singer, almost the female counterpart of Frank Ocean (Get Away), and the 15-song mixtape You Should Be Here (2015), that improved her (limited) songwriting skills (How That Taste, Down for You, Jealous, Alive). The official album SweetSexySavage (2017), composed by an array of songwriters and produced mostly by the duo of Andrew "Pop" Wansel and Warren "Oak" Felder, contained three popular songs (Advice, Undercover and Distraction, probably her best), but it was way too long at 19 songs. Just add two or three of passable songs (Piece of Mind, Do U Dirty and Keep On) to the three top attractions, and this could have been a more appealing (less tedious) six-song EP.

The nine-song mixtape While We Wait (2019) refined her mellow, soulful fusion of pop, rap and soul (Nights Like This, Nunya, Too Deep), but the fundamental problem remained of material that sounds repetitive and predictable, or fashionably "creative" (Footsteps) when it fact it simply recycled stereotyped beats and production of the past decade.

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