Kero Kero Bonito

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Bonito Generation (2016), 4/10
Time 'n' Place (2018), 5/10

London's trio Kero Kero Bonito (half-Japanese vocalist Sarah "Bonito" Perry, and multi-instrumentalists Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled) debuted in a synth-pop vein with the album Bonito Generation (2016), but two years later veered towards bubblegum-pop of the Sixties with the single Only Acting (2018) and the EP TOTEP (2018), notably You Know How It Is, songs that now featured guitarist James Rowland and drummer Jennifer Walton. Their second album Time 'n' Place (2018) offers more of these harmless nostalgic ditties (Make Believe, Dear Future Self) but too many boring litanies. There's a tough Outside, that borders on digital hardcore, and the jazzy Time Today with a brilliant tempo, but mostly this music is just another mutation of Brit-pop, recycling three of four generations of melodies with no passion and no inspiration.
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