King Goblin

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Cryptozoology (2016) , 6/10

Japanese trio King Goblin had debuted with the grind/death album Goblin King (Smell Rot Music, 2007), but after a long hiatus (due to the death of guitarist Kelly Churko) they resurfaced as a more credible garage-rock band on Cryptozoology (Bonten, 2016). Despite the growling vocals, guitarist Marcy (formerly of Inside Charmer), supplanted by Hiroshi Hasegawa (of C.C.C.C. and Astro), bassist Hidetoshi Ehara and drummer Naoto Araki (formerly of AKBK) deliver a more conventional sound, heavy only in Prophet. The eleven-minute Pilglim sounds a bit like the Melvins, but after a tapping break it morphs into a slow blues jam. The satanic dance of 2020 uses a riff that is reminiscent of vintage Cream and guitar solos that evoke either Led Zeppelin or any guitar hero of the 1970s. That "vintage" feature is also the essence of the cowpunk-inflected Garadama, that is also similar to Surgery's glorious A.K.. And King Of The Flies ends up sounding like AC/DC's Heatseeker. Their passion for hard-rock of the 1970s is documented by a cover of Mountain's Mississippi Queen (here retitled Birmingham Queen).
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