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Lifetime (2019), 6/10
Frozen (2020), 6/10

London's female producer Klein, daughter of Nigerian immigrants, emerged via the 12-song album Only (2016), the seven-song EP Lagata (2016) and the eight-song EP Tommy (2017), which includes Runs Reprise the vocal chaos of Prologue and the deconstructed anti-pop ditty Everlong. She also scored a musical set in a care home, Care (2018).

The painstakingly architected soundscapes of Lifetime (2019) strive for a balance of ambient music, digital noise and unfriendly rhythms. The best esults are quietly turbulent, like the sinister sci-fi atmosphere and robotic beat of Claim It and the evocative and tragic Listen and See as They Take. Unfortunately too many tracks are rather trivial collages, including the 10-minute Honour that was probably meant to be the centerpiece.

Frozen (2020) contains the 15-minute U Got This, which toys with a loop of playful industrial noises, and two spaced-out, almost psychedelic, chants, Care About Us and Understand Our Tracks that are probably her most emotional compositions yet; but the eleven-minute Mark and the shorter pieces are again rather sterile digital concoctions.

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