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Korridor, the project of Swedish producer Fabian Kempe, debuted with EPs of deep techno such as Dyson Sector (2014), Path 0102.591 (2014), Taotast (2015), which contains the 12-minute Taotast, possibly his apex in the realm of dance music, and When Nothing Matters (2017).

The album End of Cycle (Northern Electronics, 2018) is a collection of futuristic electronic vignettes in which the border between techno dance and industrial music gets blurred. They emanate a sense of barbaric violence at the same time that they evoke technological efficiency. Opening sets the tone with a soundscape that is both oneiric and post-apocalyptic. Walking In Fields contaminates cosmic drones with frightening disintegration crackling. The pneumatic polyrhythms Integration add the industial dimension. Fundamental capitalizes on these elements and its violent slingshot shocks generate a post-human tribal dance. A demonic gallop and angelic echoes haunt each other in Eventually We Will See The Beginning Again. Korridor's sound art is not dance music, it is shock therapy. Unfortunately long sections of the album suffer from a sharp drop in quality: the elastic dancefloor beats of The Fall last nine minutes, which is six too many, and Accident I'm On The Ground indulges in trivial ambient languor.

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