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When You're Gone (2012), 7/10 (EP)
Nostalchic (2013), 5/10
Lustmore (2015), 5/10
Ruinism (2017), 6/10
Amnioverse (2019), 5/10

English singer-songwriter and electronic musician Lapalux (Stuart Howard) debuted with the charming EPs five-song Forest (2011), with Animal Canopy and Peafowls on the Carousel, and the six-song Many Faces Out Of Focus (2011), almost abstract and ambient. Both had traces of Flying Lotus' wonky style.

He then crafter the narcotic synthetic soul ballads of the EP When You're Gone (2012), notably the digital psychedelic agony of Gutter Glitter over swampy intricate post-industrial beats and the cubistic deconstructed syncopated exotic music-box of Moments.

Nostalchic (Brainfeeder, 2013) indulges in a few "experimental" pieces (noise-jazz in Kelly Brook, musique concrete in Flower Dada-industrial in Straight Over My Head), but its real inclination is even too obvious: trivial, mainstream, dance music framed by the most tedious stereotypes of r&b singing Worse: his slow ballads, such as One Thing (sung by Jenna Andrews) and Without You (a duet with vocalist Kerry Latham), are more narcotic than ethereal. The experimental side of the album gets out of control in the chaotic Swallowing Smoke and The Dead Sea, that feel like chaos for the sake of chaos. Chaos can be very creative but it can also be simply due to a lack of creativity.

Lustmore (2015) was more of the same, but Ruinism (2017) was an elegant take on wonky music.

Amnioverse (2019)

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