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Pink, Black, And Orange In The Corners (2020), 6.5/10
Sun Soaking (2022), 6.5/10

Lobsterfight, the Colorado duo of multi-instrumentalist Anguel Sanchez and drummer James Gove, offered quirky lo-fi noise-rock on the brief Pink, Black, And Orange In The Corners (2020). The manifestos of their art are the emo melodrama of =0 and spastic folk-rock of V. The surreal psychedelic bacchanal of 1:34 (guess the duration...) could have been a Red Crayola-esque freak-out if it had lasted longer. The 12-minute Frog is a mixed blessing: a Bob Dylan-esque elegy that turns into screamo over drum bombardment and then settles into a hypnotic shuffle. Lots of ideas to reinvent emo as a form of avantgarde music.

Most of the songs of Sun Soaking (2022) stand on chaotic and dense instrumental foundations, but wed to relatively traditional melodies, and the overall impression is of a meeting between the Animal Collective and Polvo. The drunk Grasshopper and I with whirling sax and marimba, the bombastic and neurotic Lambert Goes to Dinner in a mayhem of harmonica, piano and pounding drums, and the refrain that rules over the exuberant madness of Let's Run Through the Cornfield's (even an accordion "singing" a different melody) are nasty graffitis on the walls of the history of the pop song. The instrumental My Grasshopper I See the Sun Soaking Through Your Teeth seems to be a random sequence of sounds. In the jazzy nine-minute The Theme for This Evening's Warm Dinner Salad sax and piano duet deliriously to accompany crooned arias in the style of 1950s-era Brill Building. It's an art of contrast, contradiction and incoherence. At the same time, Harvest and As We Commence (One Day at a Time) are the closest they've ever been to crooning pop-jazz ballads a` la Burt Bacharach .

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