Lone Bellow

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The Lone Bellow (2013), 5/10
Then Came the Morning (2015), 6/10
Walk Into A Storm (2017), 4.5/10
Half Moon Light (2020), 4/10

The Lone Bellow, fronted by New York's singer-songwriter Zach Williams (not to be confused with the moronic Christian singer-songwriter) debuted with The Lone Bellow (2013), that contains the country-gospel You Never Need Nobody, emblematic of their whole career. Then Came the Morning (2015), lushly produced by Aaron Dessner (of the National), is more varied but still fundamentally anchored to country and gospel. Then Came the Morning is a folk-soul elegy that weds Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. At the other end of the spectrum is the quasi-punk barrage of Heaven Don't Call Me Home. Unfortunately the quality declined rapidly on Walk Into A Storm (2017) and Half Moon Light (2020).
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