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L'Rain (2017), 7/10 Links:

L'Rain, the one-woman project of New York's keyboardist Taja Cheek, concocted dense jazz-infused dance-pop on the mini-album L'Rain (2017). The way Heavy fuses dense instrumental jam and ethereal vocals is reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins' dream-pop except that the song ends with lamentations over gentle, pastoral, country fingerpicking. A Toes weds that dream-pop with a nostalgic aria and beat from the era of the "ye-ye girls". One moment she's crooning like a seasoned lounge singer against a complex syncopated rhythm and a sax-driven counterpoint (Stay Go) and the next moment she is intoning an Enya-esque lullaby over a fast industrial beat (Bat). The seven-minute Which Fork is an organic creature that grows from lo-fi bedroom pop to a full-fledged dance-pop ballad and then to a feverish Caribbean-jazz sarabande.
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