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Resurgence Of Compulsion (2016), 6/10
Age Of Truth (Third Coming, 2019), 6/10
The Search for a Fallen Field (2020), 6.5/10 [EP]

Lunacy, the project of Pennsylvania-based electronic musician Nick Kulp, debuted with the cassette Resurgence Of Compulsion (Time Castle Tapes, 2016) that gathers songs in different styles, from the gothic dirge Obscurity Game to the lethargic dream-pop of Numb, culminating with the abstract psychedelic 19-minute collage of Reversed Resurgence.

The five-song EP Disposition (Mental Healing, 2017) continued to straddle the border of those genres with the instrumental industrial vignette Conjure, the oneiric chant of Supply Chain and the gloomy elegy Disposition.

The album Age Of Truth (Third Coming, 2019) delivered a more mature manifestation of doom and gloom. Songs imbued with cold mechanical beats like Sullen and Imminent bridge industrial and gothic music, and Call of Signals achieves perhaps the best balance of robotic rhythm, funereal electronica and ghostly litany; while the ghostly Perception, the symphonic Fall of Arms and the hymn-like Age of Truth flirt with dark punk of the 1980s (Joy Division, Bauhaus) and the gothic wave of the 1990s (Lycia, Raison D'Etre, Love Is Colder Than Death). But the album belongs to the 2010s, to the age of the convoluted digital beat and of glitch noise, the key elements embodied in closer The Ripple.

The all-instrumental EP The Search for a Fallen Field (Cold Moon, 2020) continued Kulp's ritual of doom and gloom. Another dose of muffled industrial beats propel the sinister trance of Crossing Of Malice, the whirling threnody The Mantle. The massive shroud of drones Past Present Future creates one of Lunacy's most intense and oppressive pieces.

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