Galcher Lustwerk

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100% Galcher (2013), 6/10
Dark Bliss (2017), 6/10
200% Galcher (2018), 5/10
Information (2019), 4/10

New York-based producer Galcher Lustwerk emerged with the mixtape 100% Galcher (2013) and the mixtapes of deep house released under the moniker Road Hog since 2014. Studio OST's Scenes 2012-2015 documents collaborations with Alvin Aronson.

The double-EP Dark Bliss (White Material, 2017) was a classy demonstration of his technique of whispered techno-soul ballads, each one hatched from a unique lo-fi jelly, whether the subdued digital tapping of Catamaran or the cubistic hip-hop of Dark Bliss. A more visceral thumping instinct surfaces in Yeeno and Lithuanian Water.

The 20-song mixtape 200% Galcher (2018) is devoted to more conventional (and mostly instrumental) deep-house jams like the eight-minute Wristbands and the seven-minute See You When I See You.

Information (2019) was a more extroverted parade of beats, but poorly integrated with vocals that are mostly spoken. The show becomes quickly repetitive and boring, with beats that are increasingly trivial. Nothing stands out. Uniform monotony. The bass riff of Another Story sounds interesting for a few seconds.

Lustwerk also released the 420 (2020), containing 16 untitled pieces, each exactly 4:20 long.

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