Majical Cloudz

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Impersonator (2013) , 6/10

Majical Cloudz, the project of Montreal-based singer-songwriter Devon Welsh and keyboardist Matthew Otto, concocted the austere song cycle of Impersonator (Matador, 2013). These are songs that rely almost exclusively on the human voice, in this case a slow pensive baritone. The art of recitation prevails over the science of arrangement in This Is Magic, I Do Sing For You, and in the stately Childhood's End. His style is impersonal to the point of being undefinable: Notebook sounds like a cross between a gospel hymn and Bruce Springsteen. Except for the synth-pop of Mister, the instrumental score is spartan and minimal. In fact, Impersonator is a cappella, with Welsh dialoguing with a glacial stream of looped moans. However, the atmospheric standout, Silver Rings, the one more likely to evoke Leonard Cohen, employs a symphonic synth. The album radiates a sense of loneliness in vast spaces. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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