El Marrano de la Razon

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Oximoron (2008), 6/10
Retruecano (2009), 6/10
La Incoacion de las Desbordantes Anomalias Apocalipticas (2011), 7/10
Garin (2012), 6/10
Drifter (2013), 6/10
Vogue (2014), 6/10
Dada Brotherhood Vol I-III (2016), 6/10
Prolepsis (2019), 5/10
Discordancias (2019), 6/10
A Blaze In The Southern Sky (2020), 6.5/10
Adefesio (2020), 5/10
Ceremonia de la Confusion (2020), 6/10
Vegan Fascism (2020), 6/10
Schadenfreude (2022), 6/10

El Marrano de la Razon (meaning "the Converted Jew of Reason", i.e. Dutch philosopher Spinoza), the project of Mexican digital soundpainter Edgar Oliver Lorenzana Medina, also a member of Xochipilli, unleashed unbridled creativity on Oximoron (2008), notably the 25-minute wildly anarchic collage of found sounds El Bauharroco, and on Retruecano (2009), especially the 18-minute Los Acontecimientos Irredentos se Precipitan Infumables en la Redentora Inmovilizacion de lo Soportable, a dense atonal vortex that implodes in a monastery-like choir, the archetype of his abstract anti-ambient soundscapes.

A more mature technique of psychedelic collage of musique concrete appeared on La Incoacion de las Desbordantes Anomalias Apocalipticas (2011). The ghostly whirlwind of Vlanii sounds like a distorted Indian requiem, and an Australian didjeridoo triggers the massive wall of noise of Das Runf. Liposuccion Magnetica is ethnic-neutral chaos of extreme dissonance. The spastic anthem for vocals and drums Himno meets a distorted sample of a choir, like a collaboration between Wild Man Fischer and Karlheinz Stockhausen of Hymnen fame. The tribal 16-minute Animal Ghost '69 Rider Machine is the musical equivalent of someone throwing up while riding a wild horse. The 19-minute La Marcha de la Realidad Caduca takes the premise of Chrome's Zombie Wardance and slowly disintegrates it via an industrial loop. The 12-minute Mini-soundtrack para una Sesion de Sexo Orgiastico Enteogenico is his (self-destructing) remix of La Bouche's dance-club hit Be My Lover.

The sprawling Garin (2012) contains 19 songs of various length, and, given the wildly different quality, feels like a collection of leftovers and unfinished experiments. We go from the disco-folk of Raiz del Sol (9:24) to the grotesque ballet of Palpitan mis cartilagos (8:59), from the macabre hallucination Incertidumbre (7:30) to the dizzying spiraling cosmic drones of Garin (29:00), a flow of living forms that peaks with a maximalist concerto for loud metallic squeaks, a veritable electronic symphony. Nothing feels focused, but maybe that's the whole point.

Drifter (2013) contains a 34-minute piece, Drifter, that mauls and dissolves a stoner-rock guitar solo

The 73-minute album Vogue (2014) contains 14 songs, notably the Pneumatica Barbarie (7:02), the soundtrack of a brain lobotomy, the dark cosmic Zopilote Negro (8:04), and the violent distorted concerto of No (10:13), one of his punk-industrial peaks.

Dada Brotherhood Vol I-III (2016) was a tribute to the Dada movement of a century earlier.

Prolepsis (2019) is a self-indulgent experiment in droning music. The three longer pieces are little more than static drones. If Analepsis (8:19) doesn't go anywhere and Prolepsis 2 (22:57) overstays after seducing with some eerie resonance, Prolepsis 3 (13:03) redeems the album with a more dynamic excursion.

Discordancias (2019) proved that he was releasing too much material with too little editing. If the radioactive wind of Viviendo en la Fabrika (16:00) lays an unnerving layer of suspense, and the lugubrious drone of Anfang (9:58) exudes a similar post-apocalyptic feeling, Fabrika Viviente (16:01) is a bit too subtle (and long) and the wavering Absolutamente Redux (11:03) is disposable. ten-minute Viviendo en la Fabrika

A Blaze In The Southern Sky (2020) contains three compositions: At The Home Of The Order Of Melchizedek (16:09), a deliciously chaotic hybrid of kraut-rock and acid-rock that descends into grating drones, the statically corrosive Divine Harlot's Cosmic Cunt (13:02) and the horror vortex of Sacred Rape (16:07).

Adefesio (2020) is an inferior work that contains three less intense and more confused compositions: Liran' Drone (15:02), a grotesque Dada dance that ends in nine minutes of subdued vocal and instrumental noise, Adefesio (19:44), a sublime Stockhausen-esque collage of voices whose only problem is that it indulges in orgasmic segments, and Pixie's Dead (12:10).

Ceremonia de la Confusion (2020) contains the chaotic (and a bit childish) freak-out Hermetic Sword Destroying The Sun (8:44), the terrifying galactic distortion Azufre y Mercurio (10:44) and especially the ghostly demonic bedlam of Hidden Void (15:25).

The 36-minute EP Maranasati (2020) is another minor appendix to the major program, with amateurish numbers like the industrial rock Biological Industries Inc and the mantra Crapulencia Sagrada framing the eight-minute rabid wall of sound of La Estulticia de Sofia.

A Blaze in the Southern Sky (2020) contain three pieces: At the Home of the Order of Melchizedek (16:09), Divine Harlot's Cosmic Cunt (13:02) and Sacred Rape (Astral Mix) (16:07).

Vegan Fascism (2020) is devoted to the 43-minute Nostalgia Pandemica Futurista in three parts (particularly the symphony and whirling second part).

Las Aventuras de lo Feo (2021) is a 45-song seven-hour compilation of all the recordings from 2007 to 2020.

Schadenfreude (2022), whose title refers to a common human aberration: taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others, is a three-part symphony of horror cacophony. The first part in particular is a tornado of sonic aberrations that evoke a flushing toilet, banging on metallic pipe, vomiting, the jungle, a furnace burning babies, etc.

Medina was also active as Chimbilaco, as documented on Abstract Phonk (2022), composed under the influence of drugs, and Anthropophagic Cowbell (2023).

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