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The Slideshow Effect (2012), 4.5/10
Soft Hate (2016), 4.5/10

Memoryhouse, the Canadian duo of multi-instrumentalist Abeele and singer Denise Nouvion, debuted with the singles Lately (2010) and Caregiver (2010) and the EP The Years (2010) before the album The Slideshow Effect (2012). Its fragile, ethereal creations (like Little Expressionless Animals and Pale Blue) feels robotic instead of emotional, perhaps because it's an abused style of melancholy, subdued litanies. The languid quasi-country Bonfire and the lively The Kids Were Wrong break the impasse, but the album's core is represented by the somnolent Walk With Me.

Soft Hate (2016) should have been a four-song EP. Fate is an odd hybrid of Mojave 3 and U2. Get Back ventures into disco-pop. Standout Arizona weds spaghetti-western suspense and acid trip. And Sarah is a relic of naive 1960s pop. The rest is disposable.

They returned with the five-song EP Mania (2021).

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