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Metz (2012) , 6.5/10

Toronto's Metz, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Alex Edkins, debuted with a string of explosive singles: Soft Whiteout/Lump Sums (2009), Dry Up/ Ripped On The Fence (2009), and Negative Space/ Automat (2010).

Metz (Subpop, 2012) bursts at the seams with the manic atonal Headache and Wasted, delirious songs detonated by bombastic drums. But that's only the appetizer. The real highlights, and two of the masterpieces of punk-rock, are the frenzied industrial psychobilly Wet Blanket and the glorious Get Off that weds Neu-esque motorik and psychedelic freakout. On this side of their flaming line are insanely jarring noise-rockers like Sad Pricks and Negative Space that evoke the era of Big Black and Jesus Lizard, while on the other side are more restrained and melodic tunes like Rats and The Mule that may hint at a radio-friendly future (the latter enhanced with heavy-metal bombing guitar riffs).

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