Kate NV

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Binasu (2016), 6/10
For (2018), 5/10

Kate NV, the project of Russian vocalist and guitarist Ekaterina Shilonosova, former frontwoman of Glintshake and a member of the avantgarde Cornelius Cardew-inspired Moscow Scratch Orchestra, debuted solo with the three-song EP Pink Jungle (2013).

The influence of Boards Of Canada and other purveyors of electronic post-pop is strong on Binasu (Orange Milk, 2016). The instrumentals, from the percussive orgy of Bells Burp to the surreal sound effects and polyrhythms of Grass In The Woods that seem to describe life on another planet, subscribe to a warm, friendly, humane brand of retro-futurism. Brian Eno The songs are curiously mediocre and trivial. Inn pits a Kate Bush-esque melody against dual keyboards, one repeating a mechanical pattern and the other one laying down a gentle drone. Binasu (the Japanese word for "Venus") is an odd tribute to Japanese synth-pop sung in a sensual childish tone against a neurotic industrial backdrop. Similarly, Kata sounds like a Japanese cover of a Madonna dance-pop hit. The robotic Dance seems to pop out from a videogame of the 1990s.

The electronic instrumental vignettes of For (RVNG, 2018) are mostly graceful and funny minimalist games, such as Two and How sometimes with cartoonish effects (Ear and One) and sometimes with more intellectual ambitions, like the intricate gamelan-like patterns and jazz clarinet of Oak and the suspenseful droning and chirping of Who.

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