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Summer's Gone (2012), 6.5/10
In Return (2014), 6/10
A Moment Apart (2017), 5/10

Odesza, the Seattle duo of Harrison "Catacombkid" Mills and Clayton "BeachesBeaches" Knight, combined evocative synthscapes, syncopated beats and simple melodies "sung" by vocal effects on their album Summer's Gone (2012). How Did I Get Here is a dreamy psychedelic interplay of vocal samples and slim tinkling beats. I Want You is "sung" by chopped and reshuffled high-pitched vocals. The romantic aria and suspenseful break of We Were Young evoke the "easy listening" of the 1960s and new-age music of the 1980s. The propulsive beat and lush arrangement of Above The Middle competes with the sophisticated architecture of Today (swampy tribal beat, guitar twang and delirious vocals). Don't Stop sounds like a cubistic remix of a Britney Spears ballad with a house beat.

The five-song EP My Friends Never Die (2013) contains My Friends Never Die, which juxtaposes high-pitched vocals and symphonic funk rhythm.

The sound became more and more commercial on In Return (2014), that contains many of his popular favorites, starting with the upbeat syncopations of Say My Name and Sun Models, and continuing with the languid dreamy Bloom the exotic chant All We Need, the gentle lullaby It's Only, and especially the evocative singalong Memories That You Call.

A Moment Apart (2017) marked a peak of his lush arrangements with the languid orchestral soul-hop Line of Sight, the massive house jam of Late Night, and the melodramatic finale of Corners of the Earth.

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