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oOoOO (2010), 7/10 (EP)
Our Loving is Hurting Us (2012), 6.5/10 (EP)
Without Your Love (2013), 6.5/10

oOoOO, the project of San Francisco's Chris Greenspan, pioneered "witch house" with the EP oOoOO (Triangle, 2010), a new genre born out of the marriage of synth-pop and dream-pop of the 1980s that Salem had already tested. The glitchy electronic raga of Mumbai and the looping minimalism of Sedsumting stand out as highly psychological post-ambient music. Some of the songs display angelic overtones bordering on new-age music of the 1980s (the whispered lullaby Burnout Eyess, the ethereal chant of Plains Is Hot).

The EP Our Loving is Hurting Us (2012) didn't overcome the limitations. The oneiric downtempo industrial TryTry, the macabre psychedelic nightmare of Starr coexisted with more facile songs such as the sophisticated ballad Springs and the lounge electronic pop of Break Yr Heartt.

Without Your Love (Nihjgt Feelings, 2013) boasts the slow-motion galactic dance of Sirens, peppered with glitch noise here and there and with a coda of beach sounds, the sinister syncopated swampy beat of Misunderstood, and the esoteric ceremony of Crossed Wires, swept by winds of processed vocals. A corporeal pounding beat propels the more conventional sleepy ballad Stay Here. Even more conventional (and obnoxious) is Without Your Love. Much better in the "radio-friendly" department is Mouchette, where the pop element remains locked inside a surreal interplay of vocals and drones from which an unlikely reggae beat emerges. The closing solemn piano-based aria of Across A Sea risks sounding like a self-parody but luckily Greenspan doesn't have the soprano who could elaborate on the cinematic leitmotif.

In 2018 Greenspan released six singles that have in common a hypnotic static structure despite painstakingly architected arrangements. Notably: the dubby tap dance of FoRLorN DuB, the looping glitchy rap of CoachBagg, the subdued guitar-based chant of Cold, and the emphatic quasi-symphonic angst-filled Seaww. The lame NoSummer4U and the regular song NoShore, sung in a regular tone while strumming on an acoustic guitar, ruined the atmosphere.

Faminine Mystique (LP, 2018, Nihjgt Feelings) was a collaboration with Berlin-based producer Islamiq Grrrls.

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