Our Place of Worship Is Silence

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The Embodiment Of Hate (2016), 5.5/10
With Inexorable Suffering (2018), 4.5/10

Los Angeles' death-metal duo Our Place of Worship Is Silence (guitarist Eric Netto and drummer Tim Gaskin, both previously in black-metal outfit Lake of Blood) added bassist Tim Butcher and vocalist Justin Moore for their debut album The Embodiment Of Hate (2016). The album has the emphatically macabre Murdered While Praying and the relentless Church of Atrocity but the other pieces tend to sound amateurish or dejavu.

Butcher died of overdose and Moore played with Teeth. A new line-up recorded With Inexorable Suffering (2018), which contains the more melodic Chronicles of Annihilation and the slower, eight-minute Lawlessness Will Abound, but is generally more monotonous.

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