Pacol Pablo Collective

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The Death of Pablo (2017), 6/10
A 55 Minute Message (2018), 5/10
Everyone on Planet Earth (2020), 6/10

The Pablo Collective (apparently based in Texas) debuted with The Death of Pablo (2017), an album-long remix of Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo. Certainly a lot more creative than the original, it is structured in four suites: the ethnic and jazzy ambient music of Ultralight Wall (13:44), the sound collage Washed Up (17:00), the wall of noise of Father Stretch My Hands Pt.3 (17:15) and the dub-psychedelic black hole of Fade Pt 2 (25:18).

A 55 Minute Message (2018), credited to Pacol, is a hodge-podge of plunderphonics, hip-hop and field recordings which rarely coalesces (The J, and especially Burial of the Inside / 70515220).

Everyone on Planet Earth This One's for You Let's Rock (2020) is a more serious effort. Pacol is now essentially the duo of Carlos "Tau-9" Arrazola (vocals, guitar, bass, synth, field recordings) and Noah "Bphax" Chalfant (vocals, guitar, synth, piano, organ, field recordings). The album consists of eight lengthy movements, unfortunately poorly edited and bogged down by spoken-word sections. Not much stands out: the psychedelic sections of The Forces of a Creative Mind are Unstoppable, and I Will Push (14:52), The Superheroes in My Brain are Here, and They are Dangerous (15:41), that transitions from syncopated dance-pop to a Leonard Cohen-esque country elegy, the cosmic glitches in the first half of Everyone on Planet Earth This One's for You Let's Rock (13:18 ).

Tau-9 also recorded the solo EP Hermit (2016) and the solo album Buffaleek (2018).

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